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Therapist and Patient


Caroline Glass ... is by far the most professional IDVA that I have worked with. Albeit all IDVA’s I have encountered are truly dedicated to the victims they serve, Caroline has taken this to a different level and has been able to provide a truly innovative and bespoke service for victims .
Because she has formed such good working relationships with multiple services she knows from a practitioners point of view what the services can deliver and how to approach services to get the best out of a service for everyone concerned. This is a noticeably different skill set from any other IDVA I have encountered as both the Marac Chair, Marac DS and within my entire time within safeguarding.
Because the Police at AS BCU serve both Lambeth and Southwark Local Authorities we work with many services. Caroline is heads and shoulders above so many and is held in equal regard by both Police and victims alike. Caroline has not been shy to hold services to account where their practice have fallen below standard and has been approachable and professional in these interactions as much as when she gives praise. She has been able to problem solve for clients because she understands so well the services that she is seeking to work with. Her arguments are rationale and well considered.
I do hope that she is able to continue to use the skills she has developed within serving vulnerable people and their families and that she is recognised for her abilities as she operates high above the position that she holds.
Please pass on my personal thanks to Caroline for her dedication and excellent work that I have witnessed throughout my time of knowing her. 

I have read this weekend one of the best psych evals I have ever read in over decades of practice....  This report will serve you well.

Head of Family Law department


Caroline, thank you so much for your time, it has been a real eye opener and I've been quite emotional thinking about it all, but I also feel much better now that I am understanding things in this context, thank you so much for your help.

... we have launched our new confidential support service working with Caroline Glass, Domestic Abuse Consultant.

Employees who may be experiencing domestic abuse can now seek one to one support and advice directly from Caroline on a completely confidential basis. Every AG employee can access this support regardless of their role in their family set up, background, gender or gender identity. 

Expertise and support from people like Caroline is so important ... I'm personally delighted to be working with Caroline, even if that means we reach just one person who needs some support right now.

I wanted to say thank you for the session you did with us last week. I found it really helpful and touching, having been through some of the things you mentioned.

Thank you so much for the support, our conversation today was beyond helpful. I got the chance to practice telling my story without being traumatised by the listener (this was my experience so far, unfortunately). In addition, your insight and feedback are giving me additional, much needed, clarity - gaslighting did a number on my cognitive abilities.

I just wanted to thank you for your time. It gave me real insight into what has been happening and why I have reacted the way I have and lastly, to prepare for the future. Mostly, it has allowed me to draw a line and I am ever so grateful to you.

Thank you so much again Caroline for your time and immense help.

Private Client

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