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Caroline Glass

Domestic Abuse Consultant

Domestic abuse can take many forms and is designed to take away your freedom and autonomy.

I can explore your experiences with you and help guide you to achieve greater safety and freedom.

Psychologist Session

“I can be changed by what happens to me.
But I refuse to be reduced by it."

Maya Angelou

About Caroline Glass

I am a private domestic abuse consultant who worked for the charity Refuge for over twelve years. During that time, I supported thousands of clients on the National Domestic Abuse Helpline, as an Independent Gender Violence Advocate (IGVA) supporting victims who have been assessed as at high risk of homicide and then as Deputy Service Manager at the Gaia Centre, managing the IGVA and  Early Intervention team.

Working in the private sector, I support  individuals of all genders and employees who are surviving domestic abuse, providing them with the tools and knowledge to help keep them as safe as possible and allow them to live a life free from fear.

I also support, guide and advise survivors of abuse who are going through a divorce or other family court proceedings where domestic abuse is present. As domestic abuse is based on the need of the perpetrator to gain control over their partner, or ex-partner, divorces can be a time of escalation and elevated risk for the survivor.  I provide the client with thorough safety planning and knowledge regarding domestic abuse dynamics so that they can be informed and aware of tactics that are being used to manipulate and control them.  

I provide training and awareness raising briefings for employers so that they can recognise warning signs that a staff member may be at risk of harm and can then be supported to be as safe as possible in their place of work. It is absolutely essential that a survivor of abuse is supported to remain employed and financially independent so that they have options to leave, if this is necessary. Unfortunately, 95% of survivors of abuse will experience financial abuse, which includes being unable to work because of the manipulation and control being perpetrated against them. By having limited, or no financial independence, an individual is far easier to control. I therefore offer 1:1 support via the employer so that a survivor of abuse can speak to me safely and confidentially from their place of work, using the office landline (if communication is being monitored) thus enabling them to understand the tactics being used to control them and how to safeguard themselves both physically and emotionally. 

I have a degree in Criminology and a Masters in Women and Child Abuse and have worked in close partnership with the Metropolitan Police, Social Services and other statutory and voluntary services to achieve an effective safeguarding outcome for survivors of abuse.

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How it works

To help my clients, I need to gain a thorough understanding of their experiences and the tactics that have been used to control them. For this to happen, I will carry out a risk assessment over the phone and explore not only what is currently taking place, but look at the evolution of the abuse. Domestic abuse follows a pattern of escalation, so it is really important, when working with a client, that I understand the methods of control that have been used and the likely trajectory that they will follow. 

From here, we can then discuss how the client would like to move forward, what their rights and options are and any safety planning that may be necessary.

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